Schlink & Associates Physical Therapy: Excellence Since 1982.

Employment / Student Clerkship

Over the years more than 40 physical therapists have worked at Schlink & Associates Physical Therapy. The average stay has been five years. This clinic has been a popular site for student internships, in particular the USC School of Physical Therapy four-month full-time clerkship. There is a reason therapists and students seek a clinical experience at Schlink & Associates.

The attraction for the right therapist / student is mentoring. Besides treating patients, Michael’s passion is teaching. It started as a student at Stanford where his emphasis was the “teaching track” and continues today. Over the years Michael has developed a series of in-service teaching modules covering technique topics in manual therapy, trunk stabilization progression, neuropathic pain treatment, myofascial release, joint mobilization, microcurrent / phototherapy application, taping strategies etc.—the list continues to grow. However, his emphasis has been the art of physical therapy—how to determine “when to do what”. This information is organized in a syllabus that each new therapist or student receives. Over the first several months of employment these topics are covered in weekly in-services. This high level of mentoring is continued on a daily basis with written feedback on each patient seen.

If you are interested in employment or a student experience at Schlink & Associates contact the office for an interview. New graduates are welcome.

 . . . most significant educational experience so far.

—N.U., USC School of Physical Therapy

You taught me the art as well as the science of physical therapy.

—J.M., USC School of Physical Therapy

I will definitely carry with me the “Schlink Philosophy” wherever I go to treat patients

—D. R., USC School of Physical Therapy

I learned more in these four months than I probably learned in my first two years of PT school . . . I knew I would learn a lot coming here, but never imagined this much . . . It will benefit me the rest of my life.

—L. P., USC School of Physical Therapy

It was a great honor and privilege for me to work with you, truly genius . . . It is a turning point for me . . . your stuff works!

—B.K., USC School of Physical Therapy